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Wisconsin Immunization Registry .. [Portal Main Page]
Welcome! This site offers the ability to view immunization records. You must provide a social security number or Medicaid ID to access the record. Click on the link below to begin searching for an immunization record or to read the Wisconsin Immunization Registry parent brochure.

Wisconsin Immunization Registry .. [Portal Main Page]
Welcome to the new Wisconsin Immunization Registry site! Posted on 08/25/2005: Please continue to use your Organization Code, Username, and Password to login. If you have any questions contact the WIR Help Desk at (608) 266-9691 or by email at:[email protected]

Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) | Wisconsin …
To access your or your child’s immunization records you will need the person’s first and last names, their date of birth, and either their Social Security number, Medicaid ID number, or their health care member ID number. Step 1. Follow the links below to access the WIR public immunization records portal.

Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR): Health Care …

The Wisconsin Immunization Registry, also called WIR, is a computerized internet database application developed to record and track immunizations for Wisconsin residents.. How can WIR help your organization? It helps providers track patients who visit multiple clinics, it forecasts what immunizations a patient needs, and can run reports that measure a clinic’s vaccine rates.

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To log into the Wisconsin Immunization Registry you must enter your Organization Code, Username, and Password. Users may continue using their original WIR organization code, username, and password to log in. If you have do not have an existing WIR login, you must contact your administrator to obtain one.

Wisconsin Immunization Registry: accessing and sending data

P-02324 12/2018 Wisconsin Department of Health Services | Division of Public Health How can my organization get access to the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR)? Step 1. Contact the WIR Help Desk by calling 608-266-9691 or emailing [email protected] WIR help desk staff can help you with steps two and three. Step 2.

Immunization Rate Data | Wisconsin Department of Health …

Immunization Rate Reports. Unless otherwise specified, the data source for the immunization rates presented below is the Wisconsin Immunization Registry. For more information about immunizations in Wisconsin, go to the Wisconsin Immunization Program home page. Influenza

Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers (IQIP …

Overview Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers (IQIP) is the national, Vaccines for Children (VFC) provider-level quality improvement program. The focus of the program is to support the implantation of strategies in provider offices to increase on-time vaccination of children and adolescents.

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