tips to buy cheap phone

What to Consider Before Hunting Budget Phone in Black Friday

tips to buy cheap phone
tips to buy cheap phone

Black Friday is the perfect time to shop for cheap phone. But, before deciding to buy an affordable phone, there are several factors need to consider. So, you should not take the cheapest one. But, you need to think about its specs so that any dollar you spend is not useless.

Here are our useful tips to get the best but cheap smartphone on Black Friday Deals.

  • Good Specs.

Buying budget phone does not mean that you only get the low specs. So, you should find the phone that offers great specs even the price is low. For instance, you should check the RAM and processor. Most cheap phones use 4GB RAM. Besides, low budget phone usually uses Snapdragon 665.

  • Great Screen.

Display is on the top two on the things you must consider. Your phone must have at least Full HD display. Type of the display also matters. OLED display is very good but, if the phone you want to buy only have LCD display is also OK. Do not forget to compare the desired phone with competitor. This way, you will get a fair comparison and will be able to select the best one.

  • Camera

Camera is another factor that plays important role on your smartphone. If you like taking a photo, you need a phone with great camera function. Cheap phone usually only offer good rear camera. They add some features such as ultra-wide and macro camera. The speed of taking a photo also matters. The phone with better specs can run faster photo processing. You need to try the night mode camera as well. Good camera usually does not need any flash in order to brighten the nighttime photography.

  • Storage

Most budget phones offer 64GB storage. But, you should note even the storage is large enough, the phone will use it to run the operating system. So, you only have limited storage to keep your files such as pictures, videos, or music. So, if the phone’s internal storage is limited, you should select the one that offers expandable storage. So, you can add the memory card or microSD to your phone.

  • Battery capacity.

This last factor is also important. You must pay attention to the phone’s battery capacity. At least, the smartphone you will purchase has 4000 mAh battery life. So, you do not need to charge your battery often.

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