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wayport_access Wayport, currently known as AT&T, is a Wifi broadband internet provider, based in Austin, Texas that was founded in 1996. Back in 2010, Wayport provided Wifi connections to over 28,000 locations in the US, including hotels, sports venues, airports, and retail outlets, half of which were McDonald’s outlets.,_Inc. Founded in 1996, Wayport, Inc. (now AT&T Wi-Fi Services) is a Wi-Fi broadband internet access provider, based in Austin, Texas. Wayport provides hotspots in approximately 28,000 locations (as of October 2010) throughout the United States. McDonalds WiFi Wayport Access is an access point service, offered by Wayport, Inc., which forms part of AT&T Inc. Under the name AT&T Wi-Fi Services, Wayport continues to provide free WiFi hotspots in a number of public places, including airports, retail stores and various other venues, as well as in McDonalds restaurants. And to access the Login window, enter “Wayport_access” which is the web extension designed for McDonalds Free Wi-Fi. Devices like Blueberry, iPhone get additional benefits in using the McDonalds Free Wi-Fi. And moreover it’s easy to access. If you don’t see McDonald’s Free WiFi or variations thereof, look for network names without a lock icon like wayport_access, or att-wifi or attwifi. Note: You can take a shortcut for steps one to four by swiping down from the top of your Android phone. This gesture will give you access to Android performance settings which includes WiFi. Wayport is a Wi-Fi broadband internet access provider, based in Austin, Texas and was founded in 1996. Now it is known as AT&T. Wayport was providing connection to about 28,000 locations in the USA, in the year 2010 and over half of them was for McDonald’s free wifi. So we may better service our valued customers, the website has been replaced with, which better describes the services and features AT&T has to offer. Please follow the link to our new and improved site for more details. AT&T Business Wi-Fi is a Cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution, available in 60 countries. Guests and employees can connect through a single, highly reliable, highly secure solution. Follow the prompts to connect to the “Wayport_Access” network (see Windows screenshot). Once connected, call up any web page. Instead of visiting that page, your web browser pulls up the McDonald’s Wi-Fi welcome page. From here, you need to decide how to you are going to get on the Internet. Select the “Connect” button just below the McDonald’s … © 2010-2019 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T and the AT&T logo are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property. ***** WARNING NOTICE *****

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