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scc the hub SCC is an equal opportunity educator and employer. Student Support and Accommodations Resource Office . Please refer to our Fine Print section for SCC’s policies, privacy statement, and other important information. The Hub HelpDesk … Safety & Security is to provide campus security and safety services that enhance and support the Strategic Plan of Southeast Community College. Registration and Records is to provide high-quality services and support to enrolled and prospective students in a friendly, … Welcome to the SCC Hub! Thanks for stopping by. This is your one-stop shop for SCC enrollment information for Fall 2020. Click on the links below and start your journey. If you need more information, call (714) 426-9609 or email us at [email protected] Admissions; Financial Aid; Counseling; Cashier’s Office 2020 Fall Class Schedule and The Hub is your portal to information at SCC. When signing into either an SCC computer or your personal computer it is advised to start any activity by signing on to The Hub. What is available on The Hub? The Hub is a youth-led and organized community center, dedicated to supporting current and former foster youth, ages 15-24, by providing a safe, welcoming center where foster youth feel a sense of belonging, empowerment, and are offered a variety of services by their peers and other caring community members. The Hub » The Hub: The Hub is SCC’s internal portal to find all the information needed to be a successful student at SCC. The Hub is the source to find classroom grades, billing information and financial aid awards, just to name a few! What is your SCC ID? The SCC ID number is a unique seven-digit number assigned to each student. Life is great at SCC! Students love SCC. How do we know that? Our students tell us! Whether it’s the affordable tuition and fees, the small class sizes, the Programs of Study, the convenience of three campuses and online, or the friendly and courteous faculty and staff, students have a positive experience at SCC.Once students graduate, they reflect positively on their experience. SCC unveiled the $4.2 million expansion with a ribbon cutting ceremony in Spring 2018. State-of-the-art learning spaces and a full-service student-run restaurant await students who want to take their passion for food and create a work of art. Southeast Community College’s portal for all computer resources is “The Hub” and can be found at the following – You can log on to The Hub from school or at home. You will need your SCC username and password in The Hub is your portal to information at SCC. Your registration, grades, financial aid, student email account, transcripts, access to online courses, and most all other SCC computer services can be found on The Hub. It is advised to start any activity by signing on to The Hub. Signing in on a college computer should take you directly to The Hub. The Hub is the Southeast Community College portal. It is the main landing place of students, staff, and faculty after logging in. Below are the some of the basic things that can be accessed from The Hub. There are many more resources available, so feel free to click around The Hub and explore! 351 People Used View all course ›› Check out our new Hub tutorial videos! Video Tutorials. Complete your Hub profile! Gain visibility. Build community with colleagues. Personalize your communications. Add Profile Photo. Check out our new Hub animated video! View Video. Discussions Board of Directors Meeting Packet Attached. By …

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