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safemail net users may have SPAM free account by only accepting messages from other users and from those in their Address Book. Such an account is virtually a spam free account. Such an account is virtually a spam free account. Safe-mail is designed to provide maximum security and privacy without any complexity. Banks, law firms, health care, accountants and similar professional organizations will not provide security unless requested by you!

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UNPROTECTED SENSITIVE DOCUMENTS Large proportion email content and corporations’ and banks’ application-generated files, such as diverse payment statements, medical records, and flight schedules, are sent over not protected email. 38% of mid-sized and large companies have policies for the encryption of confidential emails and attachments

Safe-mail is a FREE high security web-based e-mail system which extends considerably the communication system to much more than currently exists. Safe-mail uses an SSL secure site to ensure total security for all e-mail communications including file attachments, file storage and real time chat facility. Safe-mail is FREE to individuals and there is no SPAM.

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Important: for any issue regarding this new account, please contact register @ Only messages from the new account or what was specified as your current email address will be answered. Processing could take few days. 4. Account type either 3MB Free account for 3 month or 10MB for $5 for one year. Free account can’t send via POP or …

Registration to Free users and non users may request for up to 4 new accounts in one message. Premium users may request for up to 15 new Free accounts in one message. Premium users may also use their option to Invite friends and associates for a 10MB account for one year for free.

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The Security Image protects your account against phishing sites. Select a Security Image and save the settings. Next time you log into your account and enter your email address, your personal Security Image will be displayed.

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