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huntington online prep User Login. Username Password. Sign in Set yourself up for success with Huntington’s test prep Huntington helps students score higher on important college entrance and scholarship exams like the ACT, SAT, and PSAT, as well as high school entrance and other exams, such as the ISEE and ASVAB. Unlike other SAT prep programs, Huntington provides tutoring on an individual basis with flexible hours to meets the unique scheduling needs of every student. Higher scores on the SAT can mean the difference between going to college and getting into your dream college. Plus, with the right SAT scores, you may also be eligible for a scholarship. Good The SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP Exams, SSAT, ISEE– all of these tests play an important role on the path to college admissions. That’s why thousands of students choose test prep with Huntington Learning Center experts to maximize their scores. With Huntington Learning Center test prep, students gain access to the online prep. They can take extra practice tests, watch instructional videos, and review vocabulary. It helps them further develop test taking and time management skills, as well. Unlike other act prep courses, every one of Huntington’s prep programs is designed to help you better prepare for the ACT, gain confidence in your skills and abilities, and achieve higher ACT test scores, thus expanding your possible college choices. You simply need to choose the program that best meets your needs and goals: None of these entities were involved in the production of, and do not endorse, this program. *Offer valid on Academic Evaluation. Not valid with any other offers. **Results are based on surveys of 3,298 Huntington students graduating in 2019, using their initial Huntington Academic Evaluation and final SAT/ACT test score. × The Results Are In: Huntington Helps. At each of our local tutoring centers, our experienced tutors tailor test prep and teaching styles to meet the unique needs of each student and get the best results in the tutoring and test prep industry. After only 3 months of tutoring, our students have achieved: Cons. They offer high incentives but almost impossible to achieve. The HR/admin has a lot of trickery to the salary of teachers. A lot of unreasonable deductions and without prior notice, recently, they changed our shift/schedule because they do not want us to get the incentives for the weekend and Night shift.

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