iPhone battery saving tips

How to Save iPhone Battery Life

iPhone battery saving tips
iPhone battery saving tips

When you run out your iPhone battery, you should not be panic. Especially when you forget to bring your charger. What you need is just reviewing these power-saving tips below so that your iPhone battery can run all day long.

Here are some useful battery power saving tips for iPhone you can try.

  • Use Optimized Battery Charging.

You can find this new feature on iOS 13. Optimized Battery Charging feature can lifespan the battery life. It enables you to minimize the amount of time when you charge your iPhone. This feature also can prolong new battery life.

  • Check the battery usage.

You can go to Setting > Battery. Then, you will be able to see Battery Usage report. This way, you can check which app that takes a lot of battery usage.

  • Use Dark Mode.

Dark Mode feature firstly comes in iOS 13. This mode makes your screen more pleasant to watch. This feature also needs less battery power. To set the dark mode, you can go to Setting > Display & Brightness. Then, you can select Dark.

  • Turn down Screen Brightness.

Using Retina Display needs more battery energy. One of iPhone battery killer is excessive screen brightness. So, if you want to save iPhone’s battery life, you need to adjust the screen’s brightness. If you do not want to set it manually, you can set Auto Brightness feature.

  • Quit some apps.

You should quit some apps that you do not use. This way, you can prevent the apps to suck your battery. Besides, you also can enable Background App Refresh. This way, you will not allow any apps run in iPhone background.

  • Use Low Power Mode.

When you turn on Low Power Mode, you can reduce the battery usage. You can get three extra hours. But, you should note that Low Power Mode is not a default option. But, this feature will be set automatically when you have 20% remaining power. To enable this feature, you can go to iPhone Setting>Battery. Then you can turn on Low Power Mode.

  • Update your iOS.

When you experience any battery issue, you can update your iPhone to the last version of iOS. Now, Apple has iOS 14 for iPhone and iPad. Updating the operating system can fix any problem you experience on your iPhone. You need to update your device to the latest version of iOS to enable you experience iOS 14 features.

  • Log Out from Facebook.

Facebook is accused for being battery hog for iPhone and iPad. It is because this social media application uses many resources in background.

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