Free Wallpaper Apps for iOS

Free Wallpaper Apps for iOS Device

Free Wallpaper Apps for iOS
Free Wallpaper Apps for iOS

If you want to make your smartphone’s screen more stand out, you may need to change its wallpaper. Most of smartphone owners may use their personal photo as wallpaper. But, if you want to make your home screen fresher and more gorgeous, you may need to use wallpaper apps or download wallpaper from Aol Desktop Gold Support.

There are a wide range of wallpaper apps for Android and iOS smartphone. Every app offers unique image with high quality picture. If you are the users of iOS device, here some top recommendation of wallpaper apps.


This app consists of satellite images of earth. It shows the interesting places in our planet. Every week, WLPPR will update new wallpapers.

  • Gradient

Gradient colors are great to be set as wallpaper. This kind of image will not make your iPhone’s home screen becomes cluttered. You can create gradient wallpaper by yourself. Just swipe around in order to explore the colors. You can shake your iPhone to get other wallpaper choices. Before using your design, you need to save it to your iPhone gallery.

  • Blurred

With this app, you can make stylish but simple graphic. You can apply blurred effect to any photo or images. The users also can adjust the color by using the color slider to pick any color you like. To get a stunning wallpaper, you can take a picture by using your camera and edit it with blurred effect.

  • Everpic

Everpic offers HD wallpapers for iPhone. It provides 14 categories such as abstract, minimal, nature, music, 3D wallpaper, sport, etc. This app adds new iPhone wallpaper every day.

  • Monogram Lite.

This app lets the users to personalize their own wallpaper. You can combine the background, frame, badges, and typography. You can select 60 free wallpapers and start monograming your own background.

  • Interfacelift.

Interfacelift offers HD wallpapers that have the perfect size for your iPhone and other iOS devices. You can select a wallpaper based on its popularity, date, or you can even pick a random wallpaper.

  • Icon Skin.

If you want to search for original wallpaper, you can install Icon Skin. This app adds new wallpapers every week. The users are enable to apply blur effect to make the wallpaper more stand out.

  • Atlas Wallpaper.

As implied by its name, Atlas offers iPhone wallpaper with a map design. You just need to select any location on map in order to create a unique wallpaper on that area. Anyone who loves geography must have this iOS wallpaper apps. The features offered are the ability to find location and ability to customize wallpaper color.

The wallpaper apps above can be installed in a cheap phone or high-end smartphone.

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