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CJLEADS is a secure, centralized database of comprehensive, up-to-date information about offenders for use by state and local government criminal justice professionals. This critical data helps reduce risk and increases safety in our communities. Log in to CJLEADS

CJLEADS Login Troubleshooting | NCDIT

CJLEADS Login Troubleshooting . Follow these tips if you are having difficulty logging into CJLEADS. Please remember that if you need assistance maintaining your user account or access, you will need to work directly with your agency’s User Administrator. Your User Administrator can help you with the following: …

CJLEADS Forms & Documentation | NCDIT

CJLEADS Audit Request. CJLEADS Audit Request Form – User Activity Detail (CF-7).pdf; CJLEADS Audit Request Form – DMV Access (CF-8).pdf; CJLEADS Audit Request Form – Offender Access (CF-9).pdf CJLEADS Audit Request Form – CHP Access Summary (CF-10).pdf CJLEADS Agency Contact Information. Update Agency Contact Form.pdf; CJLEADS User Administration

CJLEADS User Administration – North Carolina

The CJLEADS Last Login field displays the date and time a user last logged into CJLEADS and the NCID Account Claimed field validates first time login to NCID, security questions setup and account reset with a permanent password. The NCID


CJLEADS Help Desk at 919-754-6949 from 8am to 5pm Mon-Fri. Enter DIT CJLEADS in the Search field in the upper right- hand corner or middle left side of the Welcome page. Press or click the Search button. A user will be looking for: DIT CJLEADS Training Introduction (Prerequisite Automated Online) DIT CJLEADS (End User) Training

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